With LifetimeACQUIRE, insurers can strike the
right balance between configurability, fast implementations,
an intuitive UX and flexibleworkflows—ultimately helping:

Ensure in good order apps

Support agents’ unique sales processes

Reduce app completion time and costs

Increase placement

Simplify the application experience

Watch this video to see how LifetimeACQUIRE drives a more streamlined
purchasing process—from quote to e-delivery—to all users.

Who benefits from LifetimeACQUIRE?
  • End-to-end eApp process, from quoting to e-delivery
  • Omni-product/omnichannel support
  • Accelerated underwriting engine integrations
  • eSign and payment processing
  • Save & Return, plus retargeting
  • 3rd party service integrations
  • Agent/customer collaboration tools